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Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Start your journey to a cleansed mind.

HOPE is being supported by the mental health foundation and mind mental health charity. Below we have shared some helpful and useful links to mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy from both the mental health foundation and Mind charity websites please take a look and start your journey to healing your mind.

3 minute mindfulness


Start Your Journey

Mindfulness meditation as explained before can help cleanse your mind and help you to relax. Click on the button named 'mindfulness" to give you more information on how to practice this.

Psychology Session

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy


CBT is often the therapy used to help those experiencing feelings of anxiety and unhappiness that they cannot control it helps to retrain the way you think and process your thoughts into manageable coping mechanisms.


Mindfulness part 2

Practice Makes Perfect

This section provides more information on practicing mindfulness, by experts.

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