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Personal experiences of our members.

A problem shared, is a problem halved, there is a link to mind that provides helpful advice for those who are struggling.

I really feel down since losing my dad, I miss him a lot, Sometimes when I go to sleep I cry a lot wishing he was still here. (site member 02.06.2020)

I have struggled with anxiety as long as I can remember, it all started when my biological dad broke up with my mum due to domestic abuse, I wasn't able to see my dad by a court of law. When I started secondary school I was badly bullied and I was alone most of the time, I developed depression and I used to self-harm. I even tried once to take an overdose but my caught me in time. I pulled through it with the love of my mum and a few good friends, I got counselling while I was at school and this really helped I beat depression! I still suffer with anxiety but I have trained myself to cope and I have a supportive fiancee and good friends and family. (Charlotte site owner)

Since as long as I can remember I'm a big worrier and have alot of anxiety. Where have been tearful and crying.

This has been throughout my life and I do feel like it will probably never go. I have lots's of plans for my life that I want to succeed in and I know I need to stay calm and motivated. When I'm ready it will come and fall into place. I have started to do some meditation 💆‍♀️which I feel is helping alot. (L)

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