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Help with Sleep

Sleep is often affected greatly when battling mental health you find yourself waking up in the night thinking about everything and anything finding it difficult to switch off. I have put together some methods that help support difficult sleeping, obviously if you feel that your sleep is becoming even more difficult I would advise visiting your gp to get some medication to help this as a temporary measure.

Image by Chase Clark

Present moment focus

Present moment focus is a type of therapeutic meditation that is recommended by psychologists professionals and is recommended to be practiced and hour or so before you go to sleep it helps you to organise your thoughts and calm you.

Image by Sanah  Suvarna

Sleep hygiene

Sleep hygiene explores the problems that people confess affects why they cannot sleep. It explores some simple but effective tips on how to avoid certian things  before bed to help you sleep better. It explores seperating your anxieties and worries from the bedroom when it is time to sleep.

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