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Firstly I would like to welcome you to HOPE anyone is welcome here we are supported by the mental health foundation, Imagine and Mind charities. Mental health is something that many people struggle with, anyone can develop mental health at any stage of their lives. It is often difficult to speak about and people are ashamed. I want to remove that shame and offer support and advice on how to deal with your own mental health and maybe someone you know needs help with this. Therapy can take along time due to the waiting list so I want to offer a place you can go and not be judged.

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Self-Love and Self-Care are very important tools to help you cope and be at peace with yourself and your feelings. Do something that makes you feel good each day, share your feelings with others and express them however you can. Please click the 'self-care'  and 'learn to love yourself' link and buttons to be linked to a few hand outs that can help you to practice self-love and care.



Cleanse the mind

Meditation can really help to calm feelings of anxiety and to help you relax. Please click the meditation guide button to download your meditation guide.


Dealing with the loss of someone who was a victim of sucide, or attempted.

Some people have experienced the pain of losing a loved one through suicide and it is a grief like no other. Some people have attempted to take their own lives and have survived this is a place you can talk. Please click the button 'story' to read a suicide survivors true account.

Advice On Dealing With Anxiety and Depression, If you click on the three words below you will be directed to a help line.

Many of us have suffered from anxiety, depression or both or know someone who is. It can be a very lonely experience please click the 'self-help' button to download a self-help guide.

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Hope (Hold On Pain Ends) is ready to offer you the support and guidance you need make new friends, share experiences and start your path to healing. To become a member of our site just add your email to the subscribe box.

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